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Blocked Sink

Clogs and blockages are such a bothersome. They can happen in the kitchen, bathrooms, or even utility sinks. The considerably large problem it can cause in your household plumbing system can result in an expensive fix when it’s severe.

What causes your sink to have blockage?

How to solve sink blockage depends on what causes the blockage itself. Formerly from there, we can adjust and plan what we need to unblock it. There are many common causes of a blocked sink, here they are:

  • Hair.
    Hair can get stuck with greasy substances and other adhesive elements and it commonly happens whether it’s in baths, showers, or sinks. You can deal and prevent blockage because of hair by using guards or filter to trap the hair from flowing down the drain. Clear it routinely.
  • Food waste.
    Food bits and waste from washed off plates usually go down the drain and become trapped in the sink pipe system. These items will collect and form a clog over a long period of time. It should never happen even when you have a garbage disposal in your sink.
  • Grease, oil, and fat.
    The drain opening is particularly clogging because of these substances. Other food or elements can get trapped or stuck because the grease cause debris that blocks the pipe or drain, which is hard to remove. Like from food or even soap bar, leaving a residue that stains and blocks pipes.
  • Dirt.
    Excessive dirt or mud can build up over time that is unable or difficult to remove and create a blockage.
  • Tree roots.
    Some sewer and drain problems are commonly caused by tree roots that crack into the pipe and create blockage.

When do you have to think and consider whether you need a professional plumber or not?

With various causes of blocked sink, the best way to fix it, anything or everything, is of course, prevention in the first place. But blocked sink shouldn’t give you tears in your eyes. You definitely should avoid putting all strange objects or chemicals that don’t belong, down into the drain. However, if your blocked sink turns into an emergency needing assistant or help, the first and only step is to call a professional plumber, that may be the only resort depending on how severe the problem is.

A professional plumber can help, assist, and give you recommendations to investigate and solve your plumbing problems, in this case, blocked sink. Want to book a schedule? Give Local Inner West District Plumbers a call at (02) 9025 7687. We provide a quick but effective fix to any of your plumbing problems you face. Shortly after you call, we will send our skilled and experienced professional plumber to your property, no matter where you reside in the area and make your day better by fixing your sink. In no time, your sink will work properly again.

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Why Us?

Plumbing Solutions


Step 1: Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can seriously disturb daily activities. We will help you to unclog your drains by eliminating the unwanted causes − trash, broken parts of pipes, oils, roots, and more.


Step 2: CCTV Camera Drain Inspection

We use CCTV camera to inspect drains. This efficient method inspects the exact cause of your drain problems without much hassle.


Step 3: Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

High-pressured water blast clears the blockage perfectly, better than mere regular traditional cleaning act. Our certified team is ready to execute this advanced cleaning method for your needs using only the best water jet machine.


Step 4: Pipe Relining Solution

If the methods above do not perfectly fix the damage, Local Inner West District Plumbers offers you an outstanding solution for your unending predicaments. Pipe relining fixes and rejuvenate your pipework by least effort.

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