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Blocked Stormwater Drains

It’s rainy season and you notice water pooling around your backyard or on your street? That might be because there is a stormwater blockage. Gardens and roof are connected through pipes which are able to let the water flow into the water table or kerb in the street. Materials that are most commonly found causing a blockage are tree roots, plants and leaves, dirt, and silt build up intruding in the pipes, or how they were installed incorrectly.

Preventions for blockage of storm water drains

If your storm water drain become clogged or blocked, water can flow right back up to your roof, into the ceiling or through the other drains in your household. We have some recommendations in order to prevent blockage of storm water drains that could affect your other drains too. Here is the following list of prevention:

  • Ground foundation. The ground around your building should tilt away from the foundation to let the water flow away from around your property.
  • Keep strange materials out. Do not litter and let heavy materials go down the drain where it’s not supposed to go.
  • Use biodegradable materials. While washing your car or mow the lawn, biodegradable detergent is a better choice to use.
  • Composting. Leaves and grass clippings can be kept as compost ingredients instead of hosing them down the drain.
  • No disposal. Do not dispose leftover paint, insecticides, or other contaminants down the drain as it would clog, or even worse, contaminate the water.
  • No debris. Dispose soil, cement or other debris at the landfill.
  • Clean and manage. Good management and regular cleaning can help prevent any blockage.

When do you have to think and consider whether you need a professional plumber or not?

  • The chance of flooding and erosion on and around your household is low
  • Increasing the chance of for savings on your bills instead of spending on storm water infrastructure
  • Preventing a blockage in storm water drain pipes

It does get pretty difficult to try attempting unblocking it yourself, so you’ll want to call a professional. Do not delay, get up and pick up the phone to hire a specialised plumber, if you’re not able to fix your problem yourself. We, Local Inner West District Company, pride ourselves on our work with high quality and skilled experiences. We offer you the most effective method to clear the blocked storm water drains. Call in and let us handle all types of plumbing problems by sending you a team to sort it out quickly.

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Why Us?

Plumbing Solutions


Step 1: Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can seriously disturb daily activities. We will help you to unclog your drains by eliminating the unwanted causes − trash, broken parts of pipes, oils, roots, and more.


Step 2: CCTV Camera Drain Inspection

We use CCTV camera to inspect drains. This efficient method inspects the exact cause of your drain problems without much hassle.


Step 3: Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

High-pressured water blast clears the blockage perfectly, better than mere regular traditional cleaning act. Our certified team is ready to execute this advanced cleaning method for your needs using only the best water jet machine.


Step 4: Pipe Relining Solution

If the methods above do not perfectly fix the damage, Local Inner West District Plumbers offers you an outstanding solution for your unending predicaments. Pipe relining fixes and rejuvenate your pipework by least effort.

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